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1 The Cis-7: Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And Access ...
The CIS-7 countries include 3 Central Asian countries—the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, 3 countries in the Caucasus—Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Moldova in Europe.

2 Wipo/ec/spg/99/inf/1 Prov.: Provisional Program

3 Upgrading The Area Office In Moscow To Itu Cis Regional Office
on “Strengthening ITU’s Regional Presence in the CIS region”, submitted to Council-17 held in Geneva on 15-25 May 2017, proposed to raise the status of the ITU Area Office located in Moscow, Russian Federation for the Countries of the CIS to that of Regional Office (as from 1 January 2019).

4 Foreign Direct Investment In Cis -
Two other CIS countries with abundant energy-resources, i.e. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, attracted USD 3 billion and USD 1 billion per annum respectively during 2000-2006. For comparison, the eight CEE countries which joined the EU in 2004 recorded a total of USD 25 billion FDI inflows per annum on average in 2000-2006. The largest country of this group, Poland, attracted an average of USD 9 ...

5 1
This is not to suggest that the CIS countries should necessarily model their common institutions on those which operate within different geo-political realities, but simply to share good practice and offer possible alternatives for resolving common problems.

6 Introduction
Replies were received from 25 countries and 8 stakeholders' organisations (an overview of responses was prepared). Version 5 of the paper took into account the comments received and was discussed at the SCG meeting on 29 September.

More than 100 participants representing 9 Member States from the CIS area and 2 Member States from outside the region attended the Forum. The list of participants can be found here This report provides an overview of the issues discussed, as well as the issues identified during in the course of the Forum.

8 The Analysis Of Information Needs Of Decision-makers …
THE ANALYSIS OF INFORMATION NEEDS OF DECISION-MAKERS. IN THE AREA OF HIGHER EDUCATION OPEN AND DISTANCE LEARNING (FINAL PAPER) The analysis of information needs of decision-makers in the area of higher education open and distance learning in various regions of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in correlation with the development and ...

9 Indiatourism Frankfurt - Ministry Of External Affairs
The quotation should be sent in a sealed cover clearly marked ‘Quote for Travel Agent’s Know India Seminars in 6 cities of CIS countries, by courier or post only to Regional Director, India Tourism Frankfurt, Baseler Strasse, 48, 60329, Frankfurt am Main, Germany latest by 27th Jul 2015.

10 Introduction
The agreement to start a Common Implementation Strategy (CIS) for the Water Framework Directive. European Parliament and Council Directive 2000/60/EC of 23 October 2000 establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy (OJ L 327, 22/12/2000, p.

11 The Economics Of A Customs Union - World Bank
For small CIS countries, with relatively open trade regimes, joining the Customs Union that has been established by several CIS members could be economically quite costly. These costs could be mitigated, but probably not fully offset, if, as a consequence of the entry of new members, both the average level and the dispersion of the previously negotiated external tariff of the Customs Union ...

12 Unicef Cee/cis Regional Child Well-being Workshop
UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Child Well-Being Workshop. 1. Introduction . The global study on child poverty and disparities was launched in 2007 to strengthen the profile of children in national poverty reduction strategies and to contribute to the global knowledge of strategies that effectively reduce child poverty. More than 40 low and middle income countries are participating in this study ...

13 Cis Curriculum Maps -
Describe how certain countries depend on other countries for economic/cultural needs

14 Report On Activities In The Field Of The Icp In The Cis Region
The work along the above lines was carried out this year in accordance with the schedule approved by the Council of the Heads of Statistical Services of the CIS Countries …

15 International Co-operation In Statistics -
International co-operation in Statistics. a. Background. International co-operation with non-Members by the OECD. From its founding the OECD Member countries recognised a duty to pass on to non-Members their experience in devising economic and social policies conducive to …

16 To: Dr
Re: Development, GOVERNANCE INDICATORS WEB SITE. OBJECT: To launch a website giving a "bottom up" evaluation of governance on four continents, drawing on a unique data base of more than 200 representative sample surveys covering more than 50 countries in Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Post-Communist Europe and the CIS.

17 Contract: Trade And Environment Seminar For Sub-saharan Africa
The economies in transition of CIS region does not nearly get as much attention despite the fact that some of the fiercest negotiations about WTO accession and resulting conflicts are with the countries of the former Soviet Union. In this session we would like to explore some of the specific problems of the region with regard to international trade rules.

18 United Nations - Basel Convention
CIS countries experts compiled the tables on assessment of national legislation in countries. In tables "Definitions" the least are included as they are in the legal documents without analysis. In some occasions national NLA contain extended interpretation comparing with BC. In definitions column "competent authority" and "focal point" the names of country organizations are listed ...

19 List Of Indicators For The Interstate Exchange Of ...
of which cooperatingh with CIS countries annual 2. Number of leasing transactions: - by industries (kinds of economic activities) - by kinds of machines and equipment (by 8 items) annual . 2.8.2.Research and developments 1. Implementation of researches and developments annual 2. Number of specialists-researchers annual 3. Distribution of the number of specialists-researchers by age annual 4 ...

Since checks, travelers' checks and credit cards are accepted very infrequently within the CIS countries, your team must bring in cash for the team daily living expenses and for …

21 Executive Summary - World Bank
The 8,000 locomotives are operating in Russia (5,000) and other CIS countries (3,000). The size of these fleets illustrates the potential for cost and efficiency improvements throughout the CIS countries by adoption of a proven modernisation programme. The business potential could generate considerable interest from suppliers.

22 Morning Session Day 1 - World Bank
Financial Development in the CIS-7 Countries: Bridging the Great Divide. Gianni De Nicoló, Sami Geadah and Dmitry Rozhkov “A growing and deepening divide has opened up between transition economies where economic development has taken off and those caught in a vicious cycle of institutional backwardness and macroeconomic instability.

Mr. Michal Svantner, Director, Department for Transition and Developed Countries, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva

24 Cis Step 1 -
Text-marking: Develop and display a code system appropriate for the CIS text to use in text-marking. Select a small text segment and preplan corresponding coding example(s) to model the text-marking process for students.

Based on the comments received on the item non-response, the highest difficulty faced by the enterprises answering to the questionnaire might lie in providing information about in

Child poverty in six CEE/CIS countries. Meg Huby and Jonathan Bradshaw. University of York. UK. Comparisons of child poverty in rich countries normally involves the use of income thresholds and/or deprivation indices (EU/OECD).

27 13
The success of the project will depend on the political will of the government of the CIS countries in adopting the necessary legal changes recommended on the report. CIS countries still needs to develop their national legislation in order to be fully compliant with the obligations of the Basel Convention.

PRAVILNIK. O NACIONALNOJ LISTI INDIKATORA ZAŠTITE ŽIVOTNE SREDINE ("Sl. glasnik RS", br. 37/2011) Član 1. Ovim pravilnikom propisuje se Nacionalna lista indikatora zaštite životne sredine (u daljem tekstu: Nacionalna lista indikatora).

29 Chapter 1 -
The average figure for the CIS countries is 63 percent. 1.1.1 Separatist Conflicts: Major Strains in an Already Difficult Transition Conflicts with secessionist regions have marked the period following independence and resulted in mass migration within the country and endless personal tragedies.

• The similarity of problems in the CIS countries • The existence of interesting national approaches to the integration of disabled youth at the country level • The advisability of ...

31 Cis Newsletter - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy
Remember that your News in the CIS Newsletter goes to over 135 countries and gets re-used in other magazines and websites. CIS Newsletters on the web are getting more and more used…. With many hundreds of hits per month.

A similar picture is observed in other countries, as a result of which the development of education for the elderly in some states has taken the path of forming a non-state education system. Naturally, the financing of such a system involves the search for a variety of extrabudgetary sources.

33 Cbd Second National Report - Kazakhstan (english Version)
Kazakhstan develops international cooperation directed to conservation of biological diversity under International Ecological Council of the CIS countries. In 1994 Kazkhstan signed the Agreement on protection and use of migrating birds and mammals and places of their habitats and the Agreement on the book of rare and endangered species of animals and plants – the International Red Data Book.

34 Introduction
The UNICEF CEE/CIS Regional Office is now working to promote preparedness by developing and rolling out a regional capacity building strategy in Education in Emergencies (EiE) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The workshop is planned to take place from 16-20 May 2011 for the countries in Central and South-eastern Europe and Turkey.

35 Cis Newsletter - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy
No.170 November 2003. CIS Newsletter celebrates 15 years & still going strong! Bringing news to over 135 countries in the CIS Network . CIS Newsletter celebrates 15 years & still going strong!

36 Background -
A number of countries located along the major economic corridors, which include countries from Europe and CIS region, have started to attract a significant amount of FDI flows from China as a result of their active participation in the initiative.

37 Cell Phone Services - Commercial Items Format
Washington DC 1000 Other locations in the USA and Canada 700 Europe 240 CIS countries 150 Connection fee which is counted during international calls 170 International Calls (using 00 …

38 The Program -
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe . Scientific-research centre "Kuban'agrostandart" International workshop for CIS countries: "The use of agricultural quality standards in technical regulations and the application of standards in international trade"

39 Thesis -
Though both CEE and CIS countries are characterized by negative population growth and highest trade opennesss, their average levels of income inequality are quite different. To make grounded judgements about the role of mentioned factors on income distribution, more precise methods of …

40 United Nations Children’s Fund -
In this regard, a Consultant is being hired to support UNICEF Regional Office for CEE/CIS in designing and facilitating a Simex in one of the countries in Central Asia, preliminary planned to take place during the fall of 2014 (September).

In addition, the notional account approach has attracted interest among CIS countries that are not yet in a position to think about multi-pillar systems. The Kyrgyz Republic introduced a notional account formula with respect to new accruals, and Moldova has the legislated objective to move toward use of a notional account formula in the future. The concept of notional accounts was considered ...

42 Meeting On European And North American Periodic Reporting
September Periodic Reporting meeting for the Baltic Region and Nordic countries, Riga, Latvia September Periodic Reporting meeting for cultural heritage for Russia and Eastern European CIS countries, Periodic Reporting, Moscow, Russia

43 Cis Newsletter - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy
No.169 October 2003. CIS Newsletter celebrates 15 years & still going strong! Bringing news to over 135 countries in the CIS Network and beyond!

For most citizens of the CIS countries the visa to Azerbaijan is not required. For all enquiries concerning visas and other formalities required to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan, participants are requested to contact directly the consulate or the diplomatic mission of Azerbaijan in their own country.

45 Know Your Customer (“kyc”) And Due Dilligence
Please list the countries in which business activities will take place. Include a list of any significant assets to be transferred to the company Declared Value of Assets (in USD.) Please provide details including names and addresses of the main trading partners, if applicable.

Activities of CIS RCBC cover the following countries of CIS (hereinafter “regional countries”): Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Belarus Republic, Georgia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova Republic, the Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Republic of …

47 Erc/04/6 -
Based on this description of poverty in the CEE/CIS region, the CEE/CIS region can be divided into five subregional groups of countries. Four of these five subregions have countries with rural poverty problems as severe as in a number of poor countries in other regions.

48 Baseline Review On Mainstreaming The Rights Of Persons ...
Baseline review on mainstreaming the rights of persons with disabilities into UN Country Level Programming. Department of Economic and Social Affairs

49 Erc/04/2 -
The participants to the latter were from CIS and CEE countries some of which are not yet members of the WTO. One purpose of the workshop was to discuss how these non-member countries could ease their transition to WTO membership and consequently to …

The other transition economies in Europe (non-CIS countries, see note 4 to Table 2) did not experience the same problems, although there are a few cases where the prevalence of undernourishment either rose or was still significant in 2000-2002.

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