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Chinese Flowers Names

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351 On Multi-lingual Identity, By Minfong Ho - Mr. Moore Web
On Multi-lingual identity, by Minfong Ho . author of Rice Without . Rain. The voices of my earliest childhood speak to me in Chinese. My father, in his deep quiet monotone, would tell me wonderful bedtime stories in Cantonese that he made up, about giants and turtles and emperors.

352 An Analysis Of Addition And Subtraction Word Problems …
07/02/2011 · An Analysis of Addition and Subtraction Word Problems in. Mathematics Textbooks Used in Malaysian Primary School Classrooms . Parmjit …

353 Central Forest Spine Prodoc - United Nations Development ...
The Central Forest Spine (CFS) of Peninsular Malaysia, composed of four main forest complexes, is an important natural landscape of Malaysia, supplying 90% of the population’s water supply and harbouring the remaining population of Malayan tigers in its forests.

Guides will meet you, collect your luggage, and escort you on the short bus ride to the harbor. Motorized rafts, called ‘Pangas’ will transport you to the M/C Seaman Journey and …

355 Go Out To Serve -
WEDNESDAY MARCH 20 9:30 AM Staff Meeting - Conference Room 10:30 AM Bible Study – Room 2 THURSDAY MARCH 21 – Newsletter Deadline 6:00 PM Bells – Room 2 7:00 PM All Peoples Church – Faith Family Center 7:00 PM Choir – Room 1 FRIDAY MARCH 22 6:30 PM Chinese Bible Study – Rooms 1,2,3 SUNDAY MARCH 24 – Third Sunday in Lent 8:45 ...

356 Baryonyx - 101
These anklesaurus are the most popular Chinese Dinosaurs, from 78 million years ago, during the late crustacean period. They just need to find the right sound and name for their band! They just need to find the right sound and name for their band!

Altar History/Info. A typical altar begins with a table on which are placed boxes to represent the tombs and all is covered with a white tablecloth or sheet or with papel picado, paper cutouts with special themes related to the season.

358 Grammar Lessons
Freshly cut and still moist with dew, our neighbors brought us flowers. Demanding and tough, the road to success is a difficult one. After administering the anesthetic, the patient fell into a deep slumber.

359 Rsp 085 5/18/07
I post almost every email that I receive, with last names removed unless granted permission. The editor does not always agree with contributors, but protects their right to share opinion We will share info that we think our community will find pertinent and enjoyable. Thank …

Names of numbers – up to 10. Complete a sequence – up to 10. PreK and Preschool Language Arts . Alphabet Unit: Letter recognition, and knowing the sounds that the letters make. Writing Unit – Learning the correct way to hold a pencil Dia de los Muertos. Altars. Food Drive. Parents Conference – Celebration of Learning - Thanksgiving dinner and presentation. Morning breakfast with ...

361 Ideas For Brownie Leaders From The Scouting Links Newsletter
Ideas for Brownie Leaders from the Scouting Links Newsletter. Things to Remember: Brownie Girl Scouts are girls in 1st - 3rd grade or 6 to 8 years old.

Descended from Chinese immigrants, Fong was elected to the Senate in 1959. Hawaii was the 50th state admitted to the union on August 20th, 1959. Island flowers …

363 宁夏2012年中考英语试题 -
选择题(共75分) 一、听力(共25小题,计分25分;其中有5个小题为非选择题,计分5分,答题位置在第6页非选择题第五题听力 ...

364 Proceedings Of Hewitt Inquiry - Ibiblio
PROCEEDINGS OF HEWITT INQUIRY 361. HEWITT INQUIRY EXHIBIT NO. 2. NARRATIVE STATEMENT OF RECORD OF PEARL HARBOR COURT OF INQUIRY. With Cross References to Admiral Hart's Investigation Together With Addendum Thereto (Admiral Hewitt's Findings and …

: are the names of specific people, place, or occasions, and they usually begin with a capital letter Example: Shakespeare, Chicago, January, Christmas, Ramadan. Names may consist of more than one word: The Hague, The New York Times, Heathrow Airport, Captain Andrews, Mount Everest.

366 Pop Troy's Anthology
After his note on page five, the names and dates he gives have been researched by us, and are from my "Kinfolk" book. I enter the picture in his "Life Changes" section and some of the events he relates are incidents that I recorded in my "Reclaimed Memories."

367 Brandon D - The Essay Organization
Brandon D. Hart. March 17, 1999. Final Revision. My Language Barriers. It all started on a cold and rainy night in Great Lakes, Illinois. A group of us had just arrived from O’Hare Airport, in Chicago, Illinois.

368 Copyright (c) 1995 By Scholastic, Inc
Chafing under Chinese taxes, military drafts, and forced-labor practices, they rose up and pushed their occupiers out again and again, creating a warrior tradition that would plague invaders for centuries to come. The struggle with China produced a string of heroes who live on today in street names, films, and literature. In 40 A.D., the Trung sisters led the first uprising, then drowned ...

369 Mader/biology, 10/e – Chapter Outlines
Red and white flowers produce pink flowers; any return to red or white offspring was considered instability in the genetic material. 3. Charles Darwin wanted to develop a theory of evolution based on hereditary principles; blending theory was of no help.

In general, Chinese junipers (Juniperus chinensis) tend to be relatively resistant to Gymnosporangium rusts. Fungicides treatments are also available to control Gymnosporangium rusts, although such treatments should be considered only as a last resort.

371 Zhuan Falun
Chinese people believe in favourable weather, favourable terrain, and the group morale. Variations in celestial phenomena and variations in weather will bring about different social conditions in ordinary human society. In the terms of physics, there is regularity in the motion of matter; the same is true of the movement of the universe.

One Associated Country suggested to add to the text of the Classification Opinion a reference to the names of the nonwoven products covered. VI.1 Frozen chicken cuts: One Associated Country informed the Committee that they agreed with classification of the products at issue in heading 02.10.

373 Smudging -
Smudging . Smudging is a cleansing ritual. It can be done to cleanse any negativity from a person, house, etc. As with all these things many people have many different steps to follow.

374 考无忧试题 -
In a recently published book, I came across some exercises with interesting names such as fishbone diagrams, lotus flowers and clustering. As I used these exercises in my classes, I noticed that students were interested. They said more and wrote more. They enjoyed expressing their ideas and sharing them in groups. They were no longer passively waiting for the bell , but actively taking part in ...

375 Test For English Majors (2001) -
They generally have about as much sensitivity as the plastic flowers they leave behind – they are polluted with strange ideas about change and improvement which they force on to the unwilling original inhabitants of the villages.

Watch the PowerPoint presentation and then write in the names of the holidays in the correct place on the chart. Then match the holiday with its description by writing the correct letter. #1 …

Have “Chinese New Year” handouts ready for students to take home. Along with this…name the dragon! Have strips of paper handy for children to write down their idea for a dragon name (they also need to write their name.) Have a box handy to collect papers. Winners choose extra RIF books. You can also adjust this activity to a “fantasy story” theme.

378 Grey Box (eucalyptus Microcarpa) Grassy Woodlands And ...
is the listed community known by other names? Vegetation is identified in different ways among regions, states and territories, depending on the vegetation classification system and …

379 Independent Consultant's Library Of Party Games
List brand names and sizes - have your guests fill in prices next to each item. Then have them total their lists. The guest whose list is closest to the correct total wins! Then have them total their lists.

380 December 3, 2007 -
Productive dialogue begins by asking tough questions requiring straight answers. Join the thousands of American consumers who have already sent letters or e-mails to elected officials asking about our nation’s energy policy.

381 昆明中国康辉旅行社有限公司 -
Chinese tour guide service Price excludes 1, single supplement for hotel room 2, personal expenditure; 3, for children, only transportation seat and meal are included, excluding independent bed …

382 The Hula Lesson -- Rough Re-structuring
The Hula Lesson -- New Script -- FINAL. 0. One minute Billboard. Music: Hawai'ian song. Narration 1: Girls in grass skirts and coconut bras. That's what tourists see at a Hawai'ian luau.

Часть 2. 1 курс Интенсив 1 Past continuous: affirmative, negative and questions 2 2 Past Continuous and past simple 5 3 Past habits: used to 14 4 Modals of obligation 19 5 Modals: possibility, uncertainty, impossibility, certainty

384 2005年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试
年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 英 语 (江苏卷) 本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分。第一卷从第1页至第14页,第 二卷从第15页至第16页。

385 2012-2013学年第二学期期末教学质量监测
七 年 级 英 语 试 题 (总分:150分 考试时间: 120分钟) 第一部分: 听 力(30分) Ⅰ. 听句子,选择与其内容相符的图片。

386 1
Lily’s dad sort of failed to write the artists’ names, so I am not sure which version got used in some cases. East of Ginger Trees – Seals & Crofts - There’s something very haunting about the harmonies in …

"Because when you are enthroned, all the Chinese will rise up against the Mogo invaders, who have taken our land. These mountains, these rivers, our people, our cattle, our grain, those maddeningly beautiful flowers . . . all await your coming."

388 Unit 2: At Home (5 Tiết) -
- Từ vựng về một số địa điểm xung quanh ngôi nhà ở một vùng quê: lake, river, park, hotel, trees, flowers, rice paddies - Giới từ chỉ địa điểm: near, in 3.

389 2015年高一英语能力竞赛模拟试卷 -
星沙英语网 ... 注意事项: 1. 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。

Numerous battles of wits and forces, on land and on water, eventually culminated into the most famous battle in Chinese history, where two thousand ships were burned, and the course of China’s history was changed forever. That was the Battle of RED CLIFF.

391 “freeing The Demons” -
part one ‘war!” - “freeing the demons” On Saturday, 7 th December 1941 at 21.15 hours, Japanese planes bombed the Naval Base and the City of Singapore, there had been no declaration of War, land Ack Ack and Ack Ack from the Royal Naval ships, including Prince of …

392 Department Of Agriculture And Markets
NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets. RFP – 2012 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. NYS Department of Agriculture & MarketsATTACHMENT 2. RFP – …

393 Growing Up Gorman -
None of those names fits our band. We are gonna be glam rock metal guys. We need a name that is loud, pompous, obnoxious, and larger than life. We are gonna be glam rock metal guys. We need a name that is loud, pompous, obnoxious, and larger than life.

In this period, patterns of Chinese characters were often used, as well as patterns of clouds and flowers. These were designed not solely for their aesthetic appeal, but from Confucian ideals, and a pragmatic wish to encourage good fortune. Wool rugs and carpets were also produced in quantity for export to Japan, where they were used at festivals and in tea ceremonies. The Japanese call them ...

CHAIRMAN'S NOTES FOR SUMMER 2007 NEWSLETTER. Those members who were there will be aware that our first afternoon AGM was very well attended. We may well hold future AGMs in the afternoon, possibly alternating with evenings.

3_ Quarter1 Final_____ NAME _____ GRADE _____ Listening Comprehension (1) new words. 1( ) What did you just hear? A 七点钟 B 怎么样 C 为什么 D 怎么了 2 ...

397 2006年成人高等学校专升本招生全国统一考试
I. Phonetics (5 points) Directions: In each of the following groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D. Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.

398 北京市三十九中2013届九年级上学期英语期中考试试题(无答 …
2012学年度第一学期. 初三年级英语期中试卷(2012.11.9) 考生须知. 1.考生要认真填写密封线内的班级、姓名、学号。

community came with flowers and hope. By Wednesday the building was cleaned and windows repaired, and a thousand people attended an interfaith gathering against hate. By Wednesday the building was cleaned and windows repaired, and a thousand people attended an interfaith gathering against hate.

400 Regarding: Food Stamp Case No - Angelfire
Ask for the names and titles of employees you talk with, and save all your letters and receipts. > Ask why the person or office acted as they did. Ask employees to …

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351 Trachelospermum Jasminoides -
jasminoides, belongs to a different family, the Apocynaceae, and has its origins in tropical and subtropical rainforests of China, Japan Korea, Laos and Cambodia. Close relations are the Frangipanni (Plumeria rubra) and Oleander (Nerium oleander). The fragrance comes from glands at the base of flowers which produce the characteristic scent, and an essential oil extracted from the flowers is ...

352 7b16630-types Of Floral Mechanism A Selection Of Diagrams ...
Hardcover, its contents of the package, names of things and what they do, setup, and operation. Before using this unit, we are encourages you to read this user guide in order for this unit to function properly. This manuals E-books that published today as a guide. Our site has the following Ebook Pdf Types Of Floral Mechanism A Selection Of Diagrams And Descriptions Of Common Flowers Arranged ...

353 Medicinal And Aromatic Plants (turkey)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY – Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (Turkey) – Munir OZTURK, Ernaz ALTUNDAG and Sahil GUCEL ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) Nearly 2000 taxa of plants are evaluated for medicinal and aromatic purposes, and

354 Anti-inflammatory Activity Of Methanolic Extract Of ...
hibiscus sabdariffa possess anti-inflammatory properties against carrageenan induced inflammation similar to the action of diclofenac. The therapeutic effect of …

355 Old Japanese Particles Bjarke Frellesvig - Cornell University
1 OLD JAPANESE PARTICLES Bjarke Frellesvig 1. Particles. 2. Adverbial particles 2.1 Case particles 2.1.1 Main OJ case particles 2.1.2 Obsolete and peripheral case particles

356 Fruit That Rocks In The Landscape - University Of Maryland
Common Names: Jujube, Chinese Date, Tsao. Chinese dates Origin: The jujube originated in China where they have been cultivated for more than 4,000 years and where there are over 400 cultivars. The plants traveled beyond Asia centuries ago and today are grown to some extent in Russia, northern Africa, southern Europe, the Middle East and the southwestern United States. Ziziphus jujubaMill ...

357 Livistona Chinensis - Hawaiian Ecosystems At Risk Project ...
Livistona chinensis Chinese fan palm Arecaceae Forest Starr, Kim Starr, and Lloyd Loope United States Geological Survey--Biological Resources Division

358 The Dissociation Between Nouns And Verbs In Broca’s …

359 The Molluscicidal Activities Of Some Euphorbia Milii ...
were brought to Thailand by Chinese immigrants. For the past 20-30 years growers in Thailand have developed an array of hybrids with much larger flowers than found in previous cultivars, along with a seemingly infinite variety of color combinations, most of these having local Thai names. The objective of this study was to observe the molluscicidal activities of common strains of Euphorbia ...

360 Maps In Time - The National Archives
3 Maps in time from 1900 to 2000 Geopolitical changes from 1900 to 1914 At the beginning of the 20th century imperialism by western powers was at its

361 The Book Of Odes: A Case Study Of The 2600 Years
helps you to learn the names of trees, flowers, birds, and animals in nature." 4 Confucius considered the Shijing as a valuable educational tool, which was to be accompanied by and

362 Fundraising And Development Sample Fundraising Plan
Rolodex Fundraising: Start personal solicitation of gifts from individuals. Establish a 7-8 member Individual Gifts Committee. The committee chair calls each board member and receives 15 names of individuals whom the board members feel are capable of gifts of $100 a year or more. Staff compiles the 270 names in an alphabetical list and eliminates duplicates. The committee rates and screens the ...

363 Imagine Family Guide - The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Chinese Garden Court Journey to a. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Family Guide. This family guide is made possible by Clay Tedeschi in honor of Robert H. Ellsworth.

364 Amoris L Ætitia Francis -
post-synodal apostolic exhortation amoris l Ætitia of the holy father francis to bishops, priests and deacons consecrated persons christian married couples

365 Salt Tolerant Plants - North Carolina Cooperative Extension
they display desirable characteristics such as larger flowers, different color foliage, more compact growth, etc. Cultivars are propagated vegetatively (cuttings, division, tissue culture) so they are genetically identical to

366 List Of Saudi Importers Of Food Products - Apeda
List of Saudi importers of food products Sl. No. Name of Importer Address Phone/ Fax E-mail/ website 1. A.K. Almuhaidib & Sons PO Box:30,

367 Mahjong Competition Rules
Chapter One General Rules 1.1. Tenets 1.1.1 This Rule System is intended to spread the Olympic-style spirit, calling for the normal, scientific, friendly Chinese Mahjong Culture, promote friendship and cultural exchange among the

368 Topic: Household Chores - Cisonline :: Home
German English household chores Haushaltspflichten to prepare breakfast das Frühstück zubereiten to hang up the washing die Wäsche aufhängen

369 The Ant And The Grasshopper -- A Teacher’s Guide
The Ant and the Grasshopper A Teacher’s Guide Inspired by the original Aesop fable Written by Elizabeth Gorrie Adapted by Barbara Poggemiller

370 2011 Tomato Variety List Reformat - The Henrys' Plant Farm
2011 Tomato Variety List Indeterminate: Tomato varieties that blossom and set tomatoes progressively, and the harvest last for several months. These varieties are best when staked or caged.

371 Basic Vocabularies Of Gujarati - University Of Pennsylvania
Flowers 7 15. The Vegetable world 8 16. Time 8 17. The days of the week 9 18. The Months 9 19. The Seasons 9 20. Kinship terms and relations 10 21. Body parts 11 22. Diseases 11 23. Indigenous Drugs and etc. 12 24. Food 14 25. Dress and cloths 15 26. Bathroom and other items 16 27. House 17 28. Household goods 17 ...

372 Cocoa Growing Countries - World Agroforestry Centre
Cocoa trees begin to bear fruit when they are 3-4 years old. The pink and white flowers, then the pods grow The pink and white flowers, then the pods grow straight out of …

373 Texas Fruit And Nut Production Avocados - Aggie Horticulture
A vocados are widely consumed in Texas, in part because of the popularity of Tex-Mex cuisine. In addition to their unique flavor, they have nutritional benefits.

374 Ceramic Manufacturing Industry - Europa
Executive Summary Ceramic Manufacturing Industry i EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The BAT (Best Available Techniques) Reference Document (BREF) entitled ‘Ceramic

375 Important Tree Species -- Southern Catalpa Catalpa ...
Chinese catalpa). Catalpa speciosa is the larger and more northern growing of the two native trees. Catalpa speciosa is the larger and more northern growing of the two native trees. Common names for this catalpa are Northern catalpa, Western catalpa, and catawba-tree.

376 September 1992 Opium Poppy' Cultivation And Heroin ...
ADMINISTRATOR·S MESSAGE Opium Poppy Cultivation and Heroin Processing in Southeast Asia reviews in detail several complex natural and chemical procedures linked with heroin production.

377 Appalahian Plant Monographs - Frostburg State University
1 APPALAHIAN PLANT MONOGRAPHS Prepared by Tai Sophia Institute For Appalachian Center for Ethnobotanical Studies September 2011 Chimaphila umbellata (L.) NUTT.

378 Architectural Design And Construction
Architectural Design and Construction. Instructor’s Manual. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

379 Knotweed Shrubs - University Of Idaho
Other common names include Japanese bamboo, Mexican bamboo, false bamboo, and fleece flower. Latin names for this genus vary, and include Polygonum, Reynoutria,and Fallopia. Fallopiais becoming widely accepted as the genus name for Japanese knotweed, giant knotweed, and Bohemian knotweed. All woody knotweeds are native to eastern Asia. As a group, the woody knotweeds grow from 5 feet to ...

380 Nutcracker Study Guide - Governors State University
Nutcracker Study Guide, 2012 Salt Creek Ballet Page 2 Dear Teacher: We know that classroom time is precious, so we thank you for taking the time to use this

381 2016 Top Markets Report Pharmaceuticals Overview And Key ...
2016 Top Markets Report Pharmaceuticals. Overview and Key Findings . Introduction . The pharmaceutical industry is comprised of companies engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing drugs for human or veterinary use. 1. New drugs have an enormous positive influence on global health, prosperity and economic productivity by saving lives, increasing life spans, reducing ...

382 Ethnic And Racial Disparities In Education: Psychology’s ...
School Readiness—Beyond Knowing Names of Letters 26 Differential Experiences in ECE Programs Beyond Quality 27 Figure 4: Reading and Mathematics Disparities in Kindergarten 28 Immigrants and Educational Disparities 30 The Selectivity of Immigration 31 Aspirations, Family Stability, and Work Ethic 32 Patterns of Educational Achievement for Immigrant Groups 33 Educational Disparities in ...

383 Vietnamese Culture: Influences And Implications For Health ...
In Vietnam, last names come before the first name. Some have reversed this to conform Some have reversed this to conform to American tradition. 28 The father is …

384 African American Slave Medicine Of The 19th Century
44 • THE UNDERGRADUATE REVIEW • 2016 RIDGEWATER TATE UNIVERIT There were many different factors that led to the effectiveness of African American slave medicine …

385 City Of New York Street Trees For New York City Parks ...
Fragrant Flowers Pest Resistant Fragrant Flowers Under Side of Leaf is Silver Excellent Median Tree Excellent Median Tree Lindens Are Also Known as Lime Trees Excellent Tree for Partial Shade, Fragrant Flowers Plant Spring Only Can Adapt to Almost Any Habitat Plant Spring Only Plant Spring Only / Ideal For Wet Soils City of New York Parks & Recreation Plant Spring Only Excellent Median Tree ...

386 Shade Trees For New Mexico - New Mexico State University
To find more resources for your business, home, or family, visit the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences on the World Wide Web at

387 Common Forest Trees 20th July 2015 - N.c. Forest Service
The scientific names used in this book follow those used in Checklist of United States Trees (Native and Naturalized), USDA Forest Service Handbook Number 541,

388 New Zealand Touring Map
1 1b 1 1 1 1 10 11 12 12 12 14 16 22 2 2 25 a 25 25 27 26 26 30 4 3 30 3 31 23 39 32 32 41 5 38 5 30 2 1 47 4 46 1 33 18 1 1 1 1 29 5 24 28 3 54 3 2 56 57 2 58 50 2 5 ...

389 “a Rose For Emily” By William Faulkner (1930) I
“A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner (1930) I WHEN Miss Emily Grierson died, our whole town went to her funeral: the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument, the

390 Japanese Knotweed -
Giant knotweed flowers are held in spikes or branching clusters. Giant knotweed and Japanese knotweed hybridize to form Bohemian knotweed (Fallopia Xbohemicum). The hybrids are fertile and back-cross readily, yielding a continuous range of variation between the characteristics of their parent spe-cies, including size, leaf bases and tips. The hairs on the leaf undersides are short with broad ...

391 In Line Behind A Billion People: How Scarcity Will Define ...
Praise for In Line Behind a Billion People “The hardest challenge in making sense of China’s potential is balancing an awareness of its strengths and possibilities with an appreciation of the obstacles

392 100 Herb List - The School Of Natural Healing
3 Common Name Latin Name Part used Use 40 Hawthorne Crataegus laevigata Berry Cardiac tonic 41 Hops Humulus lupulus Flowers Sedative

393 West Virginia Trees
• Developed in cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Forestry and the Tyler County FFA Chapter.

394 Crossword Puzzles - State
section 2 crossword puzzles C rossword puzzles are an excellent vehicle for cooperative learning. The crossword puzzles in this section are graded into the categories of easy

395 Spiritual Warfare Prayers - Strong In Spirit
1 Spiritual Warfare Prayers Ministries Daily Prayer… Dear Heavenly Father, I pray this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of

396 Original Language: Frenchi1 Cop17 Prop. 56 Convention On ...
e) stems, flowers, and parts and derivatives thereof, of naturalised or artificially propagated plants of the genera Opuntia subgenus Opuntia and Selenicereus (Cactaceae); and f) finished products of Euphorbia antisyphilitica packaged and ready for retail trade.

397 (l.) Small) Chinese Tallowtree - Uc Weedric
Other trade names may be available, and other compounds also are labeled for this weed. Directions Directions for use may vary between brands; see label before use.

398 Introduction To Scanned Version Of My First Grade …
INTRODUCTION TO SCANNED VERSION OF MY FIRST GRADE BOOK Warren Tiffany was an Education Specialist from about 1956 – 1960 and worked at …

399 Description Of Classifications
1 Description of CSLB License Classifications The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) issues licenses to contract in particular trades or fields of the construction profession.

400 Tm - Sony Global Headquarters
4D FOCUS Conventional autofocus has until now dealt with space alone. Sony goes one step further — a big step, with an innovative image sensor that

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