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41 Swiss Vetterli Ammunition

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1 .41 Swiss - Wikipedia
The .41 Swiss (officially the 10.4x38mm R Swiss Vetterli M69/81) is a .415 in (10.54 mm) Swiss military rimfire rifle cartridge

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2 41 Swiss Vetterli Center Fire How To Make The Ammo …
15/03/2015 · This video is long but I go into great detail on how i selected the bullet, got the exact dimensions for making the case, and how to use a chamber casting to help you make the ammo.

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3 10.4x42r Vetterli (41 Swiss) Center Fire — …
41 Swiss Center Fire Cases ( 10.4x42R ). Quantity 20. Made from 8MM Lebel Brass. Individually Formed, Twice Annealed, Sized to Length, Trimmed and Tumble Polished. Note: Cases are ready for Swiss conversion Rifle, and are ready for your desired diameter.

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4 10.4x38r (41 Swiss) Swiss Vetterli ... - Buffalo Arms
Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances has been found in the state of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury.

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5 Ammo And Gun Collector: Rare And Expensive Ammo
I used to think finding ammo for my 7.35 Carcano was hard until I recently purchased a Swiss Vetterli chambered in 10.4x38 Rimfire (.41 Swiss).

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6 41 Swiss Ammo
8 Swiss Vetterli .41 cal rimfire ammo Rare Antique – Rare 20-Shot Engraved Pinfire revolver with double barrels by Le Faucheux, Paris. Looks like a Fracaise piece of crapeé :::: PINTEREST.COM christiancross :::: Rare 20-Shot Engraved Pinfire revolver with double barrels by …

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7 Vetterli M1869 - 10.4x38 - Vente Armes & Munitions : St ...
Le 20 décembre 1866 les suisses prirent la décision d’équiper leurs forces armées d’un fusil à répétition. A cette époque ils ne trouvèrent rien à acheter, les systèmes existant …

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8 41swissrimfirecartridges - Ammo-one
ammunition companies produced the cartridge as the "41 Swiss" until 1962. One of the largest rifle rim-fire cartridges, it has a very nice design and a center-fire version was also produced.

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9 Where To Get 10.4x38 (.41 Swiss) Rimfire? - Swiss …
The 10.4X38R Swiss Vetterli is a rimfire cartridge and to make shooting these rifles affordable, and indeed possible people in the past converted them to centerfire. Its relatively easy to do, but I recomend modifying replacement parts rather than hacking on the originals to preserve the rifle's value.

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10 Swiss M78 Vetterli .41 Rf Bolt Action Rifle Made In …
22/06/2012 · A very awesome Swiss rifle that not many people get to shoot. Most of you probably won't want to invest more in the work to convert it to center fire than the rifle is worth like I did, but I ...

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Shooting the Vetterli. by "Parashooter" By the time I had spent three hours at a Massachusetts gun show, I was about ready to give up when a curly triggerguard attached to a dirty old rifle caught my eye.

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>.41 Swiss Vetterli - Shooters Forum
14/09/2015 · Have two 10.0 Swiss rifles, one is complete, the other missing sear spring and carrier lever. Have fired three rounds out of the one, 9 grains of unique, 240 grain cast bullet, fun, no recoil. Making cases out of 348 win brass, but Lee dies do not size base …

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1 Our Precision For The Decisive Mission
1869 Milestone in history: With the ”Vetterli” repeating rifle arose the best rifle of its time. Until 1870 almost 140,000 Until 1870 almost 140,000 were sold to the Swiss Army.

2 The Companies Of Dwm And George Roth ... - Ammunition Pages
The companies of DWM and George Roth & Coy used a number code to identify the various cartridges made by them. An example of the cartridge style is shown here and the full list of code

3 International Ammunition Association Journal Index
International Ammunition Association ... .22 rf Swiss Boxes 477/60.22 rf Teleshot Sectioned 447/13.22 rf Thailand 444/82.22 rf Tools 415/30 .22 rf U headstamp with Dot 120/3.22 rf USCCo Gov't Contract 135/1.22 rf USCCo NRA boxes 382/31.22 rf Winchester 416/8.22 rf Winchester 1/2 box 469/32, 471/46.22 rf Winchester 200-Year Anniversary 475/32.22 rf Winchester Australia 411/26.22 rf …

4 5(,0(5÷-2+$116(1 '( -
RU0755.41 Swiss Vetterli from .348 Win 675.00 ... recommends Norma cases or Norma ammunition. Due to the special length of this case, a reamer is not included in the set. The case has to be trimmed to the correct case wall thickness by a case trimmer. Markron Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer Markron Custom Bullet and Primer Sealer bonds to metal and creates a barrier that is impervious to ...

5 Kaliber -
10,1x47,5R Vetterli: 10,1x51R 10,25x30RTesching 10,25x35R Lorenz 10,25x35R Utend 10,25x38R 10,25x38R MSD 10,25x38R Vetterli 10,25x40R 10,25x42R 10,25x42R Vetterli


7 Virginia Gun Collectors Assoc., Inc.
UPCOMING for June 22 meeting: Part 1 will feature Hal Johnson discussing the conversion of a 10.4 x 38 (.41) Swiss rimfire Vetterli rifle to center fire and the problems of loading ammunition for it.

8 8 Gauge To 11mm Dellers Mock Duel -
8 Gauge to 11mm Dellers Mock Duel Cartridge List A 8 Gauge BlackPowder 8 Gauge Brass BlackPowder 8 Gauge Paper Hull BlackPowder when available 8 Gauge Plastic Hull ...

9 Lee Dies, Pistol And Rifle - Track Of The Wolf
Lee Carbide Dies, for Pistols, 3 die sets: Lee uses a solid carbide insert ground to a special contour that does not leave the belt mark on the case.

10 Load Guide For Rifle And Handgun - Accurate Powder
LOAD GUIDE FOR RIFLE AND HANDGUN EDITION 3.5 INCLUDES: • The most up-to-date and comprehensive 223 Rem data available • New data for: 30 AR, 30 T/C, and 6mmx45

11 Read Modern Guns Identification Values Identification ...
Official store of Krause Books, offering the best collector books & guides for collecting guns, coins, knives, old cars, antiques and more! Gun Collecting: Swiss Vetterli Rifles

12 Ch4d Reloading Dies Dimensions
Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI ), USA and Commission Internationale Permanente (CIP ), Belgium. Our full length sizer dies conform to these dimensions.

13 Prices Realized 9-7-17 - A New Day Auctions
PRICES REALIZED 9-7-17 Lot Title Price 1 Colt Custom 357 Mag Python St Paul Police 125th $3,000.00 2 WWII M-43 Field Jacket Double Patched with hood $50.00

14 Pricelist & Availability - Guns Perth
41. 41. German Jaeger perc. hunting rifle converted from F/L with German Jaeger perc. hunting rifle converted from F/L with typical carved wooden patch box, full -length stock, double set triggers

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